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Most Creative Escape Rooms in KC

Our quality and creativity is what separates Tick Tock® from the crowd.  In our adventure games, we use sound, technology, and other special effects to bring your game to life in an immersive experience you won’t soon forget.  You will have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and clues that each lead you closer to your escape.  Don’t worry about getting stuck – our game masters are ready to give you nudge in the right direction if you should need it.

Our puzzles are well thought out, and blend seamlessly into our games.  Our rooms are themed to transport you into another world. We’ve spared no expense to bring you everything an escape room can, and should be.  When you want the best experience for your groups special event, Tick Tock is here, ready to serve.

Tick Tock Escape Room is conveniently located one block east of College and Metcalf just west of the Overland Park Convention Center.  Just off I-435 & Metcalf, we’re worth the short drive from any corner of the Kansas City metro area.

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Our online escape room games can give you a glimpse of what real life escape rooms are like.  Of course, it’s a lot more fun to be in one of our real rooms interacting with real items and working with other people you know to solve the puzzles together, but these online games are still fun brain teasers and will give you a small taste of what real rooms are like.  AND THEY’RE FREE!  You can play right now and can even earn a discount on our real rooms just by clicking the link here: 

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Our Escape Rooms

Up for the challenge?

Central Intelligence

If you've never played an Escape Game, START HERE.
A top level CIA field office has been compromised. Your team has been selected to investigate and complete the top-secret mission. Your country is depending on you!

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Up to 10 players!

Beasley's Billions

Beasley is loads of fun with a group of friends. Your Uncle Beasley has invited you to his estate to see if you are worthy to take over his billion dollar business! There's lots to do and everyone will have a chance to find clues and contribute.

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Available in Two rooms - Race your friends!

Pyramid Paradox

We've stepped it up a notch with our Egyptian Pyramid game. We've added theatrical effects that at times make you feel like your living in a movie. But you'll still need to keep your wits and concentrate if you're going to beat the clock and escape on time!

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Available in Two rooms - Race your friends!

Space Force

The year is 2150.
Your crew is responding
to a distress call from the
USS Artemis. Your mission
is to repair the ship and save
the crew amid unexpected challenges.
Will you join the Space Force and complete your mission?

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New! Up to 6 players.

Tick Tock is the PLACE to RACE!

Have a larger group size of 8-16?

Don’t let your party’s large size lessen your experience! Escape Room Races are the perfect way to include all members of your group in a shared experience.

Dual Room Races work great for:

  • Corporate Team Building
  • Guys vs Gals
  • Parents vs Teens
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • School Groups
  • Scout Troops
  • Sports Teams
  • Church Groups
  • Visiting Family
Select Either Of Tick Tock's Dual Room Experiences
Beasley's Billions Race
Pyramid Paradox Race

You probably already know that escape rooms can be loads of fun, but most games are designed for about 6-8 people.  What do you do if you have a larger group?  You could split everyone up and have them play different games, but that gives each group a different experience and limits their ability to talk about the fun afterwards.  No matter how hard you try to explain that cool moment, they just won’t get it like they would if they had been there.

That’s where are escape room races come in!  At Tick Tock, we have duplicate rooms for two of our most popular games.  That way, two teams can play their own version of the same game! Afterwards, you and the rest of your group can discuss similar experiences and roadblocks.

“What did you do when ___________ happened?”

Everyone can relate, and the team building experience is just a little bit more like a ‘team’ experience.

Of course, it can also be fun to have the competitive element of racing the other team, as well as the clock!   Which team will leave with the bragging rights? Not that anyone comes out a loser in our escape room races. The real goal of the game is to have fun!

In order to setup a team race, just choose your experience and make sure you select the “Dual Room Race” option.

Choose from two Beasley’s Billions rooms or two Pyramid Paradox rooms and see for yourself how races add a whole new dimension to the escape room experience. What will it be?


What is an “Escape Game” or “Escape Room”?

If you’ve never played a real-life escape game, you’ll find it to be an adrenaline-filled hour of fun!  Here’s how it works: You and a group of your friends, coworkers, or family come to one of our game rooms where we will lock you inside for an hour! But the room is full of clues and puzzles. Your groups role is to be the detective squad that deciphers the clues and solves the puzzles which will lead to your escape. If you can do this in under an hour, you win the game!

Anyone can be the one who “gets it” and solves the next clue to save the day! Instead of watching the hero in a movie, YOU can be the hero!  Which game will your group attempt first?

What makes Tick Tock® different than other escape rooms?

We are a local family owned company, not a franchise.  Our games are all family friendly, but challenging enough for any adult group. (We can make the games easier when it’s all kids.)
We developed our first two games from scratch and they currently run only at our Overland Park location. Our escape rooms are of high quality and are lavishly decorated to transport you into another world, where you are trapped for an hour of exciting fun! We make extensive use of technology in order to make our games more interactive and fun. If you are visiting Kansas City, Tick Tock offers you a chance to play unique, highly rated escape room games that you will not find in other cities.  If you are a KC resident, you should come out and see what the home boys have built!  For more information about how our games were developed, see the About Us page.

How much does it cost? / How many in room?

Our games are $32 per person, and depending on the game we can accommodate 6, 8, or 10 in a room. See the specific game for details.

We believe that a group of 6 players is the perfect size for our games.  This allows for enough diversity of knowledge and ensures that each player has opportunities to contribute.

If you have a group of 8-16, you can book a dual room race, which adds a competitive edge to your experience!


What happened to your "shared room" option?

With the recent health concerns, we have decided that it will be best to make all rooms private. That way, you will know everyone you are playing with – and know that they are healthy. If each group does a good job of policing themselves and only playing when their group is healthy (which is in their own self-interest), that will help us to maintain a safer environment for everyone. You can see more about the safety precautions we are taking here: Escape Room Safety

Am I really locked in a room?

There is a game exit, and an emergency exit.  The emergency exit lets you out and back in anytime needed.  There is no reason to feel claustrophobic.

What happens if I don’t get out in time?

We want everyone to see the full game, whether they can do it on time, or not.  When time allows, we will allow you a few extra minutes to finish things up.  When this is not possible, we will recommend that you take some extra hints toward the end of your game to help you finish within the hour.

When should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive approximately 15 minutes before your game time to allow time for check in, restrooms, and game orientation.

Can I bring my cell phone or other device?

We will not separate you from your treasured property, but we do ask that you not use devices in our escape rooms.  If you get a call that you have to respond to, we invite you to step out in the hall to take your call.  When you are finished, you are welcome to rejoin the game.

Are there any age limitations?

No, you can bring your whole family.

There is no charge for children under 8 as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Just bring them!

Other considerations:
Children below age 12 may need some adult help to solve some of the puzzles.
If you are bringing a group of all kids, they should be 10+ years old.

Our games are family-friendly, but some of the puzzles will require problem-solving skills that many children under 12 have not yet developed. However, we can always provide help when needed to make sure they continue to progress through the game.

Can I schedule a game or a race at other times?

Yes!  We are happy to accommodate corporate or other groups during the work week.  Just call at 913-396-9144 to arrange the date and time for your event. The best time to call about special events is between 10 AM and 2 PM Monday-Friday.

I am planning a large event. What is your total capacity?

We have 6 running rooms that can accommodate 6-10 adults each, which gives us a capacity of 48 active game participants per session.  If your group is larger than 48, let’s make it a party!  There are several ways we can stagger the games in order to plan an event that gives a larger number of people a chance to socialize and play a game.  Just call us, tell us about your group, and we’ll see what we can do to plan a fun and memorable event.


Gift Passes

Whether you’re buying for teens or adults, everyone has a blast when they play at Tick Tock®Escape Rooms!

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See What Others Have to Say

“We had never visited an escape room before but we are hooked! The staff was very friendly & the game was challenging and fun for our whole family! If you’re looking a way to spend quality family time & have a lot of laughs, go visit the TickTock Eacape Games!”

Lisa L

“Best Escape Room Yet! – We have been to some good escape rooms but Tick Tock has the best! We’ve done Beasley’s Billions(Loved it!) and recently did the new Pyramid escape room. The attention to detail and the staff make their rooms a top notch experience. It’s not just a bunch of locks to unlock. Try Tick Tock. You won’t be disappointed!”

Richard T

“This was a great experience for our family of 8. Ages from 63 to 14. Yes, we escaped, yes it was a challenge, yes there was high pitched screaming and yes we will return! Highly recommend it for a group adventure.”

Karen M

Best room EVER!
“Very Elaborate Escape Room”
“Great Family Fun”

Exciting, Thrilling Hour of Intellectual Fun

Daniel W
Leavenworth, Kansas

Best escape room around
I have been to over 20 plus escape rooms but none of them stood out as much as this one.

Farrell C D

Very fun and entertaining

Brian W
Overland Park, Kansas

Did two rooms in one night. Had a massive amount of fun and the rooms were by far the best I've ever seen. Bravo.

Justin S H

What an amazing time it was with a work group! Looking forward to returning soon!

Monica A

Great technology! Best escape room I've been to.

Kristi G

Awesome experience! Would recommend and we will definitely be back

Robert M

Very Well put together .The Room was challenging and fun .

Pete N

Really well designed with lots of fun, challenging puzzles and cool elements.

Julie V
Overland Park, KS

Tick Tock was wonderful. It's well thought out and executed. Better than others I've gone to.

Frank H
Shawnee, KS

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