As a result of COVID-19, here are some of the changes we have made in order to make our rooms safer than ever:

    1. We have installed a new ventilation treatment system that reportedly kills 99% of germs and viruses – both airborne and on hard surfaces.
    2. We also have new HIGH INTENSITY UV light cleansers which also claim to kill 99% of germs and viruses – similar to what is used to clean operating rooms.  We use these to sanitize our rooms between games.
    3. We are following up on the above treatments by sanitizing our rooms in between each game using disinfectant wipes – wiping down all commonly touched surfaces.
    4. We are spraying the rooms with Lysol disinfectant spray in between each game.
    5. We are regularly sanitizing all common areas like the lobby and restrooms.
    6. We have scheduled our games so that only one group is permitted in our lobby at a time.
    7. We are requiring all participants to use hand sanitizer before entering our rooms.
    8. We are providing disposable gloves for customers that want to use them.
    9. Our staff is wearing masks when interacting with customers.
    10. Our staff is regularly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer throughout the day.
    11. We have upgraded all rooms to private (eliminating the shared room option)- so all groups entering can know and trust that the people they are playing with are not sick.
    12. In the event that someone in your group becomes ill, we are offering hassle-free rescheduling. We are asking people to stay home and visit us at a later date. Just call before your game and we will help you find a date & time that works for you.

When you consider all the entertainment options you have available, a properly cleaned escape room may be one of the safest options around.  Think about it.  You’re in a room with a  small group of people you know – not a large gathering surrounded by lots of strangers.

Thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you soon!